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Scorpio and Capricorn Compatibility

Scorpio and Capricorn are said to be highly compatible, but few reasons are given why. Is there any truth behind the buzz? When you pair the two together, do the two signs really match?

If you are curious about the answers, you’ve come to the right place.

That’s because this post is all about the Scorpio and Capricorn pairing with insight that you’ll get nowhere else.

In this article, you will learn:

  • The shared traits of Scorpio and Capricorn
  • The unique characteristics of Capricorn
  • The strange abilities of Scorpio
  • How earth and water signs interact
  • A quick overview of cardinal and fixed signs
  • 7 ways Capricorn and Scorpio are compatible

Before diving too deep, you have a right to know about the author of this piece. I am not a psychic or astrologer. Nor am I a reader.

Instead, I am a Scorpio man who is also a third-generation shaman from California and a member of the Choctaw Tribe of Indians.

For reasons that are beyond my level of awareness, I have gravitated towards the world of psycho-spiritualism since I was a young boy.

Using wisdom passed on to me by my elders, coupled with the teachings of Carl Jung, I’m going to share with you the specific reasons Scorpio and Capricorn are a powerful match.

Just so you know, Carl Jung was the famous Swiss psychologist who is credited with infusing psychology and spirituality. He coined the phrase, active imagination.

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Scorpio and Capricorn

Scorpio and Capricorn Revealed

In my studies, I have learned that Scorpio is not always a good match for other signs. Conversely, I’ve also learned that Capricorn doesn’t always gel well with other zodiacs.

And to keep it real, both signs are (probably) the least understood in the astrology. Moreover, each is tagged with stereotypes that simply aren’t true.

If you’ve ever heard that Capricorn is dull and sexually flat, you know exactly what I mean. The same holds true for the stereotype slapped on Scorpio, suggesting it holds all the power in the bedroom.

Hopefully, the information shared here will help to dispel much of you’ve heard.

As you read what follows, keep in mind the material appearing below is gender neutral, focusing only on the pairing between Scorpio and Capricorn. That’s because the two share traits that transcend masculine and feminine labels.

Therefore, if you are a Capricorn woman looking for insight into a Scorpio man, this post is for you. On the flipside, if you are a Scorpio man trying to figure out a Capricorn female, you’ll find the answers here.

My promise is to share material that is easy to understand and free the babble that seems to permeate so much of what’s posted online.

As part of this presentation, you’ll also find tips on how to handle some of the unique challenge areas between this pairing. Additionally, I’ve also included a video on water signs, which covers Scorpio, Cancer, and Pisces.

Here’s why: Water signs hold special empathic gifts that can work for or against a relationship.

Let’s begin by examining a chart of primary traits and then move on to the particulars for each zodiac.

General Traits and Compatibility

Caring x x
Financially smart x x
Intuitive x
Grounded x
Dominant x x
Stubborn x x
Imaginative x
Creative x x
Introverted x
Extroverted x
Scorpio Constellation
Scorpio in neon


In the traditions of horoscopic astrology, Scorpio falls within the eight house. When you hear the term “house”, think of a metaphorical structure that contains the karmic gifts of a given sign.

If you were to imagine yourself walking through the front door of this home, you would immediately pick up on several symbolic energies floating around like ghosts. These include passion, intimacy, bonding, mystery, and intuitiveness.

Scorpio is ruled by two planets that could not be more different if they tried. One is Mars and the other, Pluto.

Mars, which is the fourth planet from our sun, is considered “hot”. The ancients tell us it represents energy and passion and was in fact, the messenger of the Gods.

On the flipside, Pluto, the furthest (dwarf) planet from our sun is considered “cold”.

Indeed, Pluto’s distance from our star makes it a place of mystery, which is why the ancients believed this celestial body contained many secrets and was a portal to the afterlife.

The mystics tell us that billions of years ago, Mars and Pluto came into close proximity during long-sun orbit. As a result, a singular polarity was formed, freeing the Scorpion from another dimension.

As the arachnid traveled towards earth, it was zapped by an energy bolt, infusing the Scorpion with odd psychic abilities.

Major Scorpio Traits (Good and Bad)

  • Highly empathic
  • Curious
  • Jealous
  • Loyal
  • Intense
  • Obsessive (big time)
  • Sexually dominate
  • Disconnected
  • Secretive
  • Introverted
  • Logical
  • Manipulative
Capricorn constellation
Capricorn in neon


People born under Capricorn fall into the tenth house. Remember, a house contains the attributes of a given sign, which become spiritually infused into a person’s human form.

Capricorn is exclusively ruled by the gas giant, Saturn. It is from this celestial body that all of the sign’s traits are derived.

The ancients tell us that millions of years ago, the planet’s hydrogen-helium core pulsated violently after being struck by a gamma-burst from the Capricornus galaxy.

In turn, this unlocked the symbolic goat that lived within the planet, flinging it far into our solar system. As it made its way to earth, the goat was struck by a bolt of lightning, gifting it with powers of wisdom and common sense.

Major Capricorn Traits (Good and Bad)

  • Hard working
  • Good with money
  • Loyal
  • Independent
  • Distrustful
  • Stubborn
  • Compassionate
  • Clings to rules
  • Goal-focused
  • Pessimistic
  • Shy
  • Wise
  • Dominant personality

Water and Earth Signs

When looking at the pairing between Scorpio and Capricorn, it’s good to have some awareness of their elemental representations.

Scorpio is a water sign. “Water” people are considered deep like the oceans. They are very intuitive and highly sensitive. Some folks consider them to be psychic. The water signs include Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio respectively.

Capricorn is an earth sign. “Earth” people are well grounded and steady, using intelligence and wisdom as part of their approach to life. Earth signs like stability and builds solid foundations for themselves based on careful planning.

Fixed and Cardinal Signs

The mystics tell us that Scorpio is a fixed sign. Fixed signs are stable, steady and dependable but struggle a lot with change.

Lore also teaches us that Capricorn is a cardinal sign. This means they are all about building, movement, and creating change. Whenever a new season begins, be it fall, winter, spring or summer, it always starts with a cardinal sign.

Example: the first day of winter also is the first day of Capricorn.

Now that you have absorbed all of the material from above, it’s time to explore the 7 specific life areas where Scorpio and Capricorn are highly compatible.

1. Sexual Energy

There exists a strange yet powerful dance in the pairing of Capricorn and Scorpio. From a distance, it may seem like two wouldn’t gel but upon closer inspection, we see just the opposite is true.

Here’s the thing – the goat’s sexual vibe is hard to detect by most of the other signs. That’s just how earth people can be. But that doesn’t mean their energy is dormant.

Scorpio, using its psychic abilities, can tap into the goat’s libido and pull forward its hidden desires. For its part, Capricorn can stabilize the torrent of emotions experienced by Scorpio, thereby having a calming effect.

In the privacy of the bedroom, the duo experience lovemaking that is powerful and explosive. In fact, it is difficult to describe this bonding in words.

While mating, the goat’s animalistic side comes out while the scorpion’s focus is on providing pleasure. Their symbiosis comes from both signs being dominant but not so much that they overpower one another.

Capricorn can be impatient. Scorpio is just the opposite. In terms of intimacy, they balance each other out, giving to one what the other lacks.

Combined, there can be competitive elements that make mating exciting, fun, and long-lasting.

“They balance each out, giving to one what the other does not possess”

2. Love

The emotional connection between Capricorn and Scorpio is powerful and enduring. It also takes time to form.

When you reflect for a moment on both signs, this it quickly makes sense.

The goat approaches all matters of the heart with a cautious eye. Once Capricorn feels secure, it tends to gradually bond.

It takes a patient, nurturing sign like Scorpio to turn the goat’s emotions on. Once this happens, both signs dial into each other and pulsate on the same frequency.

Scorpio is enchanted with mystery; a trait that is infused into its persona because of Pluto’s influence. Capricorn is attracted to the Scorpion’s fixed energy, strangely drawn to the arachnid because of the goat’s ruling planet.

Once the emotional bond takes hold, it is unshakable. In many ways, the two complement one another out in eerily.

Capricorn is drawn to Scorpio like a moth to a flame. Conversely, Scorpio kickstarts the goat’s love switch.

3. Trust

When you consider the different compatibility areas between Scorpio and Capricorn, trust is probably the place where they match most.

Both signs are extremely cautious with the goat being super careful about who it bonds with. On the flipside, the Scorpion is often emotionally distant by nature.

Once the duo bonds and a groundswell of trust forms, their connection is extremely powerful. There is a learning period that takes place, however, that is important to point out.

Goats, sometimes, can be extremely blunt. It’s not that they intend to hurt another. Instead, they are just very direct. Because they view time as a commodity, they don’t waste energy beating around the bush.

For water signs like Scorpio, this can be a challenge. It’s important for the Scorpion not to misconstrue what the goat has said or twist its meaning into a personal attack. Special note to Scorpio: Lean into your intuition and rely less on your logic. Wisdom for Capricorn: Remember not everyone interprets what you say at face value.

After these initial lessons are learned by during the bonding period, their shared sense of trust is unbreakable.

And in case you are wondering, this is a pairing that places a premium on fidelity. Cheating is rare.

“Trust is probably the place where they match most”

4. Money and Finance

When it comes to money and finances, there aren’t going to be a lot of problems for this pairing. Both signs put a premium on economic security. Additionally, both are concerned with creating stability for the future.

Goats, by nature, are entrepreneurial and love starting their own businesses. Money is a motivator for them and they share their earnings with those whom they trust.

Career areas for Capricorn include: business analyst, financial planner, banking, and of course, small business operator.

Scorpions gravitate towards the helping professions because they need a place to channel their investigative and empathic powers. Career areas for this sign include physician, psychologist, researcher, psychiatrist, and analyst.

Neither sign wastes money. They also don’t buy impulsively.

This is not to say there aren’t disagreements. When it comes to major purchases, Capricorn focuses on function and purpose. Scorpio gravitates towards what makes it feel better. This is probably the only place the two differ on spending.

Otherwise, you can expect a financially stable experience with plenty of cash reserves earmarked for the future.

5. Intellect

Further back, we compared the basics between earth and water signs. Knowing this information is critical because it is their differences that paradoxically draw the two together.

Capricorn is laser-focused on two life areas: 1) the here and now and 2) the future. Like a hard-working goat, the sign is relentless about the creation of wealth, building a fortune, and status.

Intelligence-wise, this means the goat is naturally going to gravitate towards practical problem-solving. If you like reading “How To” articles, there is a pretty good chance it was authored by a Capricorn.

Conversely, Scorpios are focused on hidden meanings, mysticism, and the afterlife. Their internal struggle between the logical and the karmic is real.

When you combine the two signs in a romantic relationship, the end result is stimulating and even geeky. The duo can spend hours, literally, talking about current events, finances, life after death, and technology.

One side note here: Scorpio is prone to obsessiveness and that’s probably an understatement. It takes a grounded sign like Capricorn to reel them in, so they don’t fixate on an issue.

6. Communications

In the beginning, communication between the goat and the scorpion can be difficult. This makes sense when you go back to their elemental representations.

One is grounded in the earth (Capricorn) and the other connected to the sea (Scorpio).

After the initial bonding period, communication is free flowing and easy.

What’s nice about this pairing are the gifts each bring to the table. Capricorn is direct and to the point, taking the guesswork out of what it desires.

Scorpio is empathic with the ability to intuit what the goat is thinking without the need for words.

What both signs must recognize is that long periods of silence should not be viewed as negative. Unlike other zodiacs that thrive off verbal conversation (Cancer, Pisces, and Leo), this duo doesn’t require non-stop dialogue to affirm their bond.

Now it is important to point out that Scorpios struggle with jealousy and can be extremely possessive. As a result, they sometimes need to be reassured. Just food for thought.

Therefore, in the realm of communication, it will be important for both the goat and scorpion to have transparent conversations so as to avoid problems.

7. Interests

The shared interests between the two signs are strong. Both enjoy travel, movies, music, and entertainment.

Ideal vacations include hiking, canoeing, camping, and cruises. The goat gravitates towards the mountains while the scorpion towards the sea.

As an aside, because Capricorn is a cardinal sign, it has a penchant for changing things up. Fixed Scorpio doesn’t like change but is open to new experiences when romantically attached.

Family is important to both zodiacs with Capricorn striving hard to provide a sound financial home.

And here is the best part. Both signs are highly independent. In practical terms, it means the two do not need to be constantly up one another’s butts.

Empowered by trust, both Capricorn and Scorpio are OK with one another doing things their own thing. This is a unique match area because not every pairing has this ability.

Wrap Up

Hopefully, the insight I’ve shared here on the compatibility between Capricorn and Scorpio has been useful.

The duo makes for a strong couple and is an excellent family combination. Once they bond, the relationship generally lasts for many years – if not a lifetime.

Want to learn more about the best matches in astrology? Pick up the book A guide to zodiac compatibility in love, friendships, and career (See Amazon). If you are interested in a Psychic Reading, be sure to visit this link.


Fordham, M. (2005). Active Imagination and Imaginative Activity. Journal of Analytical Psychology.