Claudio Castagnoli has been active in wrestling since 2000, and the man once referred to as "Swiss Superman" is showing no signs of slowing down, especially after his exit from WWE in 2022 and his debut in AEW four months later. Born in Lucerne, Switzerland, Castagnoli made the United States his official home in 2004, which is around the time he began to make his mark in a number of notable American indies from CHIKARA to Ring of Honor.

His exceptional strength and incredible in-ring move set help distinguish him from his competitors and helped attract the eyes of WWE where he worked for eleven years and went by Antonio Cesaro (and eventually just Cesaro). During that time, he gathered a number of titles and high-profile wins, but he seemingly couldn’t break out of the mid-card, which was a point of frustration for many proud members of the "Cesaro Section." Now with AEW, Castagnoli appears to be given the type of push many fans wish he would’ve received years prior.

While Castagnoli tends to keep to himself, there’s still plenty to know about one of the most respected wrestlers in any promotion today. Here are facts about the former Cesaro that only hardcore fans know.

His coffee obsession has led to his own coffee brand

Considering the crazy lifestyle of professional wrestlers, caffeine understandably plays a big role in most of their daily lives. When it comes to the knowledge, appreciation and fandom of coffee, Castagnoli is on a different level. In addition to his personal Instagram account, he has another account aptly named @claudioscafe dedicated to sharing pictures of the coffee drinks he gets from various shops while on the road.

With his love of coffee in mind, it’s only natural that Castagnoli has his own coffee brand, which is also named Claudio’s Cafe. The line is produced by California-based coffee brand Legal Speed. So far, the Claudio’s Cafe line has two varieties. There’s a medium roast called "Love Coffee" meant for standard coffee drinking. The other variety is a dark roast called "Sprsso" that is meant for use in lattes, cappuccinos and other coffee-based beverages.

How did Castagnoli even become a coffee fan? He shared in an interview with WWE AL AN that he really wasn’t much of a coffee drinker until he was booked in Japan, and there was a coffee area set up backstage for the wrestlers. He needed a little energy before a show and decide to have a cup. He then decided that when traveling that hitting up popular coffee houses was probably a better way to explore various towns while also adhering to a strict diet. Thus, a love affair was born.

He sure seems to have an intense relationship with Eddie Kingston

Nearly every wrestler has some sort of counterpart in the industry that they seem to run into more often than other wrestlers. For Castagnoli, that might just be Eddie Kingston. The two have crossed paths countless times over the years in a variety of promotions including CHIKARA, CZW, ROH and PWG. They’ve been partners and foes and pretty much everywhere in between, but it’s hard to tell if some of their bad blood is real or just a fun work the two enjoy playing with in the press.

In a November 2022 appearance on the "Stick to Wrestling" podcast, Castagnoli was asked if he even liked Kingston. He responded, "Eddie Kingston always has a lot to say. I think Eddie Kingston is a very, very talented fighter and he’s also very authentic which is why he resonates so well with the audience … If you have a lot of hate in your life, maybe you end up like Eddie Kingston, and I’ll just leave it at that."

For his part, Kingston has said a number of things about Castagnoli in the press, with most of them not being positive. But, in an October 2022 appearance on the "ESPR" podcast, he said, "Me and Claudio are cool now, but I don’t trust him. Only reason me and Claudio are cool is because Mox [Jon Moxley] asked me."