Image of the Minecraft world editor

Minecraft‘s first release was based on Java, which allowed gamers to edit the open sandbox game. However, the main version of the game developed for consoles and PCs, known as Minecraft Bedrock, has no such editing tools. That may be about to change, according to a newly leaked video that showed off a Minecraft world editor.

The video was posted by Roger Badgeman on his Twitter account (via Eurogamer). The brief video showed the editor in action, which will allegedly allow gamers to edit individual bricks in the game all the way to huge block structures in the game world.

Don’t worry creators! I have things for you as well…
Here’s a sneak-sneak peak at Bedrock’s work-in-progress editor mode

— Roger Badgerman (@RogerBadgerman) March 2, 2023

The tools make it look pretty easy to use, and that should be a huge boon for Minecraft content creators. Many of them use the old Java version of the game to create content that can later be sold in the Minecraft store in the Bedrock version. With an in-game world editor, it should be a lot easier for content creators to make Minecraft maps and worlds that they can later sell to those folks who just want to play the game.

Right now, developer Mojang and publisher Microsoft have not commented on plans to introduce the Minecraft world editor, but we may not have to wait long to get access to these tools.