Captain Lee Rosbach is back on board, and as you can see in this sneak peek of Monday, March 6’s all-new episode of Below Deck, a few of the yachties can’t help but get emotional.

As Ross McHarg tells Ben Willoughby, “It’s an emotional roller coaster, Ben. Captain’s gone, other captain’s back.”

Not only that, but “past Tinder flings [are] appearing,” Ross adds, referring to the new stew, Leigh-Ann Smith, who turns out to already know Ben. How? As the deckhand explained on last week’s episode, “I met this girl on Tinder about a year ago. I’ve never met her. And we both have nudes of each other on our phone. Yeah, we decided to sext a little bit, and here she is.”

Now, “Everything’s just pulling at my heartstrings,” Ben says. “I can’t do this much longer.”

Thankfully, Ross provides some comic relief. “I think, actually, we get a group discount on end-of-season counseling,” he quips.

Other crew members are in their feelings as well, explaining that while they’re grateful Captain Lee has returned, they also loved their time with Captain Sandy Yawn, who stepped in to temporarily take over for Captain Lee when he had to depart due to his ongoing health issues.

Daily Dish Below Deck Captain Lee Rosbach Health Update
Captain Lee Rosbach Shares an Update on His Health (UPDATE)

It’s safe to say that Captain Lee is grateful to be back on board himself. As he said on last week’s episode, “Doctors have assured me that I’m not gonna damage myself any more by working, and I’ll be goddamned if anything’s gonna keep me from it.”

Upon returning, he also expressed his gratitude for Captain Sandy’s willingness to drop everything and take over his duties. “I can’t express how much I appreciate that,” Captain Lee said in a confessional. “And maybe someday I’ll get to return the favor to her.”

“I hope for the crew that having Captain Lee back, that they shine, that they show him how far they’ve come,” Captain Sandy said before departing. “I hope that he gets to witness that and walking away knowing he’s healthier, he’s better, and he finished with an excellent crew.”

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