If you ever dreamed about one day owning your own restaurant, then you already have more in common with a number of celebrities than you might realize. Many famous folks have set their sights on owning their own restaurants, and whether it was through influence, wealth, culinary prowess, or any combination of those three, they made that dream a reality. Some have just one location they’ve poured their heart and soul into that you may have never heard of, while others have grown their restaurant brand into a foodie empire known nationwide.

There are actually more celebrity-owned restaurants than you might realize, ranging from family-friendly establishments to swanky bars and everything in between. And while some may seem like nothing but tourist gimmicks, many of these dining destinations present some serious culinary fare, if not a seriously good time. Here is a list of just some of the celebrity-owned restaurants you may want to consider adding to your must-visit list the next time you decide where to eat for dinner or plan a vacation. Who knows, you may even spot a familiar face or two while you’re there.

Margaritaville (Jimmy Buffet)

Ever since the iconic song of the same name was first released in 1977, Jimmy Buffet has gone all in on the Margaritaville lifestyle. His lauded career as a singer and songwriter has evolved into a mega-brand, with restaurants, hotels, and product lines — one of which includes, of course, a margarita blender. The first Margaritaville restaurant opened in Key West, Florida, in 1985 and has since grown into a chain of 30 locations around the country and the Caribbean, including Las Vegas, Turks and Caicos, and more recently, New York City.

Margaritaville can feel like you just stepped into a live Jimmy Buffet concert, with all of the musician’s hits playing in the background. Themed menu items include Volcano Nachos and a Cheeseburger in Paradise, and yes, there are plenty of margaritas.

Most locations include some sort of special effect that happens throughout the restaurant at a certain time (think Rainforest Cafe’s thunderstorms, but for adults). Whether it’s a giant blender turning on or a bikini-clad woman erupting out of a volcano, you will hardly have a dull moment in Margaritaville.

Rock & Brews (Gene Simmons)

This may not be too surprising, but the idea for Rock & Brews was actually inspired by the Hard Rock Cafe. After the chain’s co-founder, Peter Morton, was introduced to longtime rock concert promoter Dave Furano an idea sparked for Furano to open a rock and roll-themed restaurant of his very own. In 2010, Furano would have the opportunity to fulfill that dream, thanks to a collaboration with restaurateur Michael Zislis and KISS members Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, after a fateful hangout backstage during one of the band’s concerts. Rock & Brews opened the doors of its original location in El Segundo, California later that year, and has since expanded to nearly two dozen locations around the United States.

Just over a decade after its flagship location opened, Rock & Brews continues to have its eyes on expansion. An article from FSR Magazine reveals the restaurant chain’s plans to open additional locations in Las Vegas, Florida, Texas, and California. The Las Vegas expansion comes after the chain opened its first casino location in Braman, Oklahoma in 2022.

The restaurant is big on providing a family-friendly atmosphere, with some locations even allowing customers to bring their dogs. Parents can enjoy an extensive list of beers on tap, with local breweries featured at each location.