Ellie looks forward

A decade after the release of "The Last of Us" on PlayStation 3, video game developer Naughty Dog has joined forces with HBO to adapt the beloved post-apocalyptic survival story for television. The result is a nine-episode season that, while staying true to the heart and soul of the original video game, has forged its own identity with an incredible cast and a dazzling adaptation of the game’s beloved characters and storylines.

Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey, who play the game’s original protagonists Joel and Ellie, have a deep chemistry that brings the characters to life while taking notes from Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson, who voiced the characters in the video game. Joel and Ellie survive together across two games, as the Cordyceps brain infection ravages mankind and spawns numerous types of infected creatures, like Clickers, Runners, Stalkers, and Bloaters. Groups of people across the country make attempts to rebuild civilization, but without a vaccine, true peace might be impossible.

As the show cannot reach the same scope of storytelling that the video game did, a lot of scenes didn’t make it into the adaptation. In turn, creators Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin have cleverly thrown nods to moments in the games into certain scenes from the series. The story moves quickly, so there are bound to be some moments or details you didn’t catch. To keep you up to speed, here are the Easter eggs you might have missed in Season 1 of "The Last of Us."

Spoilers for the show and games ahead.

Sarah’s Halican Drops t-shirt

A close-up of Sarah and a close-up of Nico Parker

In the prologue of the original video game, players control Joel’s daughter Sarah until her untimely death at the hands of a soldier ordered to shoot the two characters. Many of Sarah’s actions in Episode 1 make serious callbacks to the video game, such as having Joel’s broken watch repaired and starting out alone as the outbreak gets closer and closer to home. However, perhaps the most significant callback comes in the form of an Easter egg that reveals itself when we see Sarah (Nico Parker) wearing a purple Halican Drops band tee, much like her character did in the video game.

Missing from her outfit in the show are the long black sleeves, but the costume department made sure to include Sarah’s beaded shark tooth necklace. The writers took some liberties in expanding on Sarah’s experience during the final hours of Outbreak Day, like having her check in on her and Joel’s neighbor Connie, who has been infected and is found tearing her caregivers apart, but the faithful inclusion of her clothing is a great touch that all die-hard "The Last of Us" fans are sure to notice.

Joel holding Curtis and Viper 2 DVD
Dinosaur birthday card that reads "Congratulations!"
Explosion behind a truck
Joel drinking coffee and close-up of Pedro Pascal
Three men having a roundtable discussion
Ellie holding Joel's broken watch in his bedroom
Joel holding Sarah as a military officer threatens to shoot them
Joel and Ellie hiding from a clicker
Ellie looking at "When you're lost in the darkness" painted on a wall
Joel and Ellie looking at the ruins of a plane crash in a field in the distance
Ellie pointing a gun at an enemy
Ellie sitting
Tess looking at a pair of skyscrapers collapsed onto each other
Ellie and Riley taking a picture together in a photo booth
Ellie and Joel petting a giraffe
Bill pointing a gun at Frank outside his house
Ellie holding open her copy of No Pun Intended Too
Ellie and Joel driving to Wyoming in Bill's truck
Drawing of Danny and Ish
Keivonn Woodard and Bella Ramsey/Savage Starlight comic book
Jeffrey Pierce close-up/Tommy close-up
Bella Ramsey campfire, Ellie space helmet
Pedro Pascal as Joel close-up
Ellie and Dina dancing
Ellie and Dina riding a horse
Pedro Pascal, Ellie petting a giraffe
Ellie playing guitar for Dina/Ellie and Riley
Ellie using her flashlight
Joel looking at a movie poster
Ellie in her bedroom
Ellie looking at a T-Rex statue
Troy Baker close-up
Scott Shepherd, Pittsburgh QZ
James, David, and Josiah walking
David standing beneath a banner
Ashley Johnson close-up and Ellie close-up
Ellie holding her switchblade
Ellie looking at her bite scar