Qualities of a good man
Qualities Of A Good Man – Never Let Him Go If He Got These Traits 1

What are the qualities of a good man? Every woman desires to have the right man by her side. So, it’s not a surprise many women ask what they should look for when finding a man.

Unlike before, most women, mainly women above 30 years, look for more than physical attributes when looking for a long-term partner. If you are younger and reading this, then I’m so delighted you’re on your way to success!

Changing bulbs, reaching things on a high counter, or even solving a minor plumbing issue is something most men can do.

But can he offer more than physical help?

Can he fulfill your emotional and spiritual needs?

So, if you are a woman planning to find a good man to marry or just curious, here are the top qualities that define a good man.

List of good qualities to look for in a man

Here are the good characteristics in a man:

1. He is a gentleman

The small gestures that men do, such as respect, listening, pulling a chair for her, opening the door for her, and many others prove that the man is a pure gentleman. Women are pretty easy to please and appreciate men who make small gestures that make them feel special. So, if you find a man who does these things effortlessly even without you asking him, don’t let him go.

Another thing, a man should do these things to everyone, not just you. For example, if you notice that the man you are interested in does not respect women around him nor does not care for his mother at all, know that he is fake so he can get you. A gentleman should portray a good character, show love and respect to all people, not just the woman he loves.

2. He is straightforward

This is a man who is the opposite of a people pleaser. A straightforward man with his speech and answers is recommendable since he is honest with himself and you. A straight man will give direct answers to the questions you ask, whether they will make you happy or not.

If you tell him that you like him and want to start a relationship with him, he will tell you he does not see you the same way if he does not feel the same about you. Instead, he will tell you he is open to being friends but not more than that. This is a better man than the one who would say to you he is willing to "give it a try and where it goes." Avoid such a man at all costs.

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3. A faithful man

A man who can resist temptations from other women who are sexier and beautiful is a man to reckon. With social media, now men are easily swayed away by Instagram models or friends, and cheating even without their partner knowing is relatively easy. Nowadays, women don’t wait for men to make the first move. So, don’t be surprised if you find women sending messages to your man to seduce him.

However, it all goes down to how much the man loves you and respects your relationship. If your man can maintain a healthy sexual relationship with you and treat you as his only sex partner, that is a man who truly loves you and respects you. It takes a man who values faithfulness to remain faithful to you even when presented with tempting women around him. If you find him, marry him and love him unconditionally.

4. He is a man of integrity

It is pretty hard to find a man who has integrity, a man who keeps his words and treats other people right regardless of who they are. For example, if he tells you he will call you over the weekend and calls you as agreed, it shows he has integrity and respects you.

If he plans for a date and calls to remind you about the date, that is integrity, man, right there. This man respects other people’s feelings and knows how his actions and decisions can affect other people close to him.

5. He makes you laugh

A good man makes you laugh, they say. One who can make a woman’s day brighter and happier than any other person in the room is undoubtedly worth your time if not just for that reason alone.

So, if you are looking for a good man, make sure he can make you laugh. A sense of humor is an important quality in any relationship partner and there’s nothing more attractive than someone who has the ability to bring joy into your life. We have plenty of information on how to find "the one" that will be able to provide this element for you as well.

6. He is honest

One thing that has made most relationships break and marriages not last long is a lack of honesty. If a man shows you that he is not honest, then trusting him would be so hard. No matter how much you try to open up to him or welcome him in your life, you will always find yourself drawing back because you feel he is not truthful. The honest of a man can be tested when you meet for the first time.

For example, if a man expresses his feelings towards you and yet he is dating, then be sure that he will do the same thing to you. If a man tells you he does not have a child with another woman, and after a while, you find out he has a child or even children with someone else, you need to avoid such a man at all cost. An honest man should tell you the truth about his status and everything you need to know before you begin dating.

This is why people are advised to have a heart-to-heart conversation before they embark on a serious relationship. For example, the man should tell you he has children with another woman, but they are not together anymore. He should also tell you the kind of relationship he has with the mother of his children to avoid problems in the future. Such information helps you decide if you will go on with the relationship or not. Also, if he can tell you such personal information when you begin to date, it shows that he respects you and your relationship.

7. He is mature

One thing to keep in mind is that maturity is not defined by age. Some men are in their early 20s and are pretty mature, and others are in their late 40s and still act like a child. Man’s maturity is measured by how he carries himself, how he works in situations, and even what is going in his life.

For example, if he is 40 years old man who still goes out partying from Monday to Sunday, that is not a mature man since he is not focused and still believes is a teenager or a young man to hop from one club to the other. Is he a man who avoids serious conversations or questions and changes topics immediately after you start being candid about your relationship? Such a man is not mature enough to have a woman by his side.

He would prefer having a girl to have fun with or someone who does what he wants without questioning his actions or behavior. A mature man is confident with himself, what he does, and respects other people. He should carry himself with grace in front of other people and respect your space even when you are around other people, probably male friends.

8. Believes in himself

A man who has confidence in himself and does not require validation from other people as an assurance is a good man to be with. This is a man who is secure about his life, and he will offer you security as well. It is much easier to be in a relationship with a confident man since he will not try to change you to fit his personality, and he will not change either. He is faithful to his actions, his promises, and the things that he does. Lastly, a confident man can portray all the above-stated traits.

9. He is positive

The kind of attitude a person portrays plays a massive role in determining the energy he gives out. A positive man with a positive attitude will always give you positive energy and vice versa. Such a man sees good in most things, and if he is criticizing you, he will do it positively until you see his point.

He is contented with what he has, and if he needs something, he will work hard to achieve it and not hate on people who have what he desires. Yes, you are not guaranteed that the man will have positive moments at all times since we are all human, but track his patterns and see if he is happy most of the time, or he expresses his feelings rather than taking them out on other people.

10. He is smart

A smart guy is not only someone who has a sense of style, but he has to be street smart as well. How long does it take him to solve a problem? Is he the type that has to seek help from other people before solving a minor issue? You need a man who is quick to think and knows how to handle different life challenges. This is a man who can easily take any life challenge and can help you when need be.

11. He values people around you

If you want to know if a man is good or not, check out how he treats your people. These are your friends and the family members you introduce to him. Does he treat your girlfriends with respect? Does he show interest in knowing your family members?

If you find a man who has these traits, then that is a good man worth settling with. A good man understands that you have other relationships with your family and friends that you need to maintain, and he should respect that as well.

12. He is protective

Security is very crucial when choosing a man for a long-term relationship or to settle down with. Every woman desires to have a man who assures her of both physical and emotional security. We don’t mean that he should be overprotective to refrain you from living a comfortable and free life.

A good man should be there for you when you need him and help you overcome bad situations you may be going through whenever you need him.


Every woman desires to have the right man who loves, respects, and treats her right. It is not easy to find a man who portrays all the above traits considering we are all human beings.

However, be keen when choosing a man to ensure that he shows at least most of the above-discussed qualities.

Above all these, make sure the man loves and treats you right since a man can only portray these attributes to you if he truly loves you.

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