Fashion layout of classic jeans outfit

The trends change, and the receipts stack up (sigh). Welcome to the fashion challenge, friends. We’re in an exceptional time in fashion’s timeline — a time of ever-changing trends that celebrate moods, notions, and niche lifestyles. These trends, or "cores," are often driven by TikTok hashtags and are incredibly fun and expressive, allowing would-be fashion lovers to change the look of their wardrobe pieces and lifestyle elements, such as home decor.

Unfortunately, these trends might come and go quickly, so it might be tempting to overspend. Or, to save money, consumers might buy cheap, fast fashion-based clothing to stay current. Although this cheaply produced clothing is easy on the budget, its low cost is often because the manufacturing process relies on mass production, which TreeHugger reports adds to water pollution, unsafe sweatshops, and overall waste.

But nestled among the trends, there is a core that eschews fashion turnover and opts for timelessness instead. Classiccore is the opposite of trendy since its aesthetic relies on classic designs, silhouettes, and colors that are easy to mix and match. And in this instance, timeless is especially accurate, with many styles dating back decades or more. Take, for instance, the classic trench coat. It’s been around since the 1800s, according to Smithsonian Magazine, so it’s safe to say it has stood the test of time. And luckily, classic styling like the button-down shirts, blazers, and flats featured by Vogue are all up for grabs in this OG and oh-so-classy aesthetic.

Step one: keep it neutral

Timeless outfit of jeans and gray sweater

It was achingly difficult to choose a singular post from the My Chic Obsession Instagram feed, as it’s a master class in classiccore. First, once you arrive, just scroll down slowly to get a general sense of the color scheme. You’ll notice a lot of neutral hues, like cream, beige, and gray, as well as classic back, white, and denim. This is one way that a classic wardrobe lends itself to easy pairings. But, at a closer look, you’ll also notice nothing overly trendy — just timeless pieces and the occasional pop of color.