towels and tub in bathroom

When interior design inspiration is scarce, it’s always a good idea to check in with the experts to see what they’ve been up to. We suggest looking at one of the most popular real estate shows, "House Hunters." According to HGTV, this show allows viewers to look at the process of purchasing a home for various types of families. There’s a lot of negotiating, arguing, and compromising until the perfect home is ultimately found. As you watch, you’ll see different types of homes designed in a plethora of ways, sure to reveal new stylish options for you.

This is especially true for those currently mulling over different bathroom designs. We have found plenty of bathroom styles from various "House Hunters" episodes we believe you can incorporate into your home. Many of them have exciting features you may have never heard of, so sit back and look at some of the best bathrooms seen on this exciting show.

1. Spa design

Spa bathroom

This bathroom is the definition of luxury. The freestanding tub has a beautiful, simple egg shape, and the walk-in shower with a rain shower head is sure to make any day relaxing. We also adore the neutral color scheme, which ties in with the spa theme.

2. Different tile patterns

Shower with different tile

What makes this shower unique is the different tile patterns. There is a herringbone pattern on the back wall to create a focal point, mosaic tile on the floor to add interest, and stacked tile to the left that balances the whole design. The window also allows the perfect amount of natural light to flow in.

3. Mosaic tile flooring

Mosaic penny tile

Installing mosaic penny tile on the floor is a sure way to create a unique and fun space! This pattern is full of life, and the neutral colors successfully tone it down to create harmony in the bathroom.

4. All marble

All marble bathroom

Here, they’ve stuck with an all-marble theme for the guest bathroom. From the floor to the wall, vanity backsplash, and shower, the consistency has created a bright design that makes the space look larger.

5. Encased in marble

Marble walls and flooring

They continued the marble theme in the primary bathroom to create a beautiful, contemporary design. We love how the freestanding tub is surrounded by marble walls and flooring, which creates a truly elegant visual.

6. Perfect color combo

Cool toned bathroom

The color combo in this bathroom is stunning, and the cool undertones create a clean yet soothing environment. The gray with blue undertones complement the gray veining in the marble, and the black hardware adds a much-needed touch of contrast.

7. Enough space for two

Large master bathroom

The size of this primary bathroom is perfect for two people. We enjoy how the space is laid out and features two vanities with a tub in between. Additionally, the black frame around the shower adds a modern touch.

8. Rustic charm

Rustic bathroom design

This small, rustic bathroom is very charming. The combination of travertine flooring with the wooden framed mirror and black vanity creates a balanced and complementary design. The woven window shade also adds a nice touch of texture.

9. Cheerful in yellow

Yellow bathroom

Using bright paint colors can be scary, but this bathroom perfectly shows how yellow walls can make a small space feel cheerful. The large window also allows plenty of natural light to flow into the room, which keeps the color nice and bright throughout the day.

10. Gold hardware

Bathroom with gold accents

This bathroom feels updated and fresh after gold hardware is installed in the shower and sink. It beautifully complements the wooden mirror and the paint color with blue undertones.

11. Gold accents

Gold accents in bathroom

Gold is definitely a recurring theme in this home! The gold hardware looks fantastic next to the shimmering wallpaper and the mosaic tile grouted with gold.

12. Bright and chic

White marble bathroom

This master bathroom is definitely one that is meant to be relaxed in. The tub is surrounded by mosaic tile and features a crystal chandelier above. We also enjoy the open shelves by the faucet, allowing quick and easy access to towels and other bathroom accessories.

13. Differently colored hardware

Gold and chrome hardware

This bathroom proves you can break the rules! The mixture of gold and chrome hardware creates a unique space that is able to balance both cold and warm tones.

14. Roman-themed bathroom

Roman columns in bathroom

This bathroom feels like a space for true royalty! The columns installed on the bathtub are an interesting touch, along with the arched window between the tub and shower. We’re also a fan of the natural light glowing through the window.

15. A perfectly balanced space

Warm toned master bathroom

This master bathroom is perfectly balanced, and we like the extra counter space made available because of the L-shaped double vanity. The pebble flooring of the walk-in shower makes it feel luxurious, and the freestanding tub also adds to the lavish ambiance.