Dillon Brooks is looking for a “thank you” from Draymond Green for giving him something to talk about on his podcast.

After Brooks’ Grizzlies defeated Green’s Warriors 131-110 on Thursday — amidst their exchange of insults through the media — Brooks fired back at Green for roasting him on his podcast the day prior.

Brooks, who came face-to-face with Green in the second quarter, was asked about the message he sent to the four-time All-Star after Memphis handed Golden State their third-straight loss.

“That’s what I do,” Brooks told TNT after the game. “I talk. I told him that, you know, keep that mic. He’s been at the mic then hooping. Keep doing his podcast, keeping blogging, keep doing his thing off the court. It’s cute. It’s fun for him.”

After sideline reporter Jared Greenberg complimented Brooks on “an impressive showing,” the Grizzlies guard — who finished with 14 points, six assists, and four rebounds — took another shot at Green.

“Thank you,” Brooks said. “Appreciate it. Appreciate it. You should give the mic to Draymond, then will talk about me… Make him keep talking about me so I can play better.”

Brooks also accused Green of “just using my name to get his podcast up.”

“He should at least say thank you.”

Back in the locker room, Brooks continued chirping about Green — who trolled him Wednesday on his podcast for “talking a lot” without having any All-Star nods or championships on his resume.

Green also implied that Brooks’ Grizzlies teammates don’t like him and that Memphis can’t win a title with him.

Brooks, who is not on social media, said his teammates showed him what Green said on his podcast and called it “funny stuff.”

When a reporter asked Brooks if Green’s comments pissed him off, he said: “No, because I know I’m a better player than him. I could do the same stuff that he does. That’s easy. I was just showing up to work.

“… The fact that he was trying to pin my teammates against me. That was a low blow. That’s what type of player he is.”

While discussing the camaraderie among the Grizzlies, Brooks also took a shot a Green’s past altercation with his Warriors teammate, Jordan Poole.

“These are my guys,” Brooks said. “We grew it all together. I ain’t out there getting into physical altercations with my teammates. I sit there and talk to them, try not [to] break them down, but build them up.”

Grizzlies guard Dillon Brooks (L) and Warriors big man Draymond Green get chippy during a game in Memphis on March 9, 2023.
Grizzlies guard Dillon Brooks (L) and Warriors big man Draymond Green get chippy during a game in Memphis on March 9, 2023.
Grizzlies guard Dillon Brooks (L) and Warriors big man Draymond Green get chippy during a game in Memphis on March 9, 2023.


When playfully asked if he’s ever “decked” one of his teammates, Brooks laughed and said, “No, as much as I want to, I know… I’m trying to be the best leader as possible and trying to get my point across… trying to find ways to be the best leader.”

Brooks was referring to the infamous moment between Green and Poole during a Warriors practice in October.

At the time, a video leaked from inside the team’s practice facility that showed Green approach Poole and punch him in the face.

Brooks was also seen exchanging words with Warriors point guard Stephen Curry during Thursday’s matchup.

However, Brooks’ chippy moment with Green, when they touched noses during a second-quarter clash, was the viral highlight of the night.

Both players kept their cool and things didn’t escalate from there.

Grizzlies guard Dillon Brooks interviews after a game against the Warriors on March 9, 2023 at FedExForum in Memphis, Tennessee.

Green said after the game that he kept his composure because he felt Brooks was trying to bait him into getting a technical foul.

“He thought he would bait me, like he gets baited,” Green said. “I get technical fouls when I want to get technical fouls. I don’t get baited into technical fouls. So I think that’s probably the difference between me and him.

“If I do that to him, it’d be a double tech, because he’d respond. But it’s not a double tech because I didn’t respond. So one of us are bait-able and one of us aren’t and that’s just kind of how it goes.”

Draymond Green on his podcast with Volume Sports on March 8, 2023.

The feud between Brooks and Green escalated on Wednesday when Green fired back at Brooks, calling him an “idiot,” for previous comments the Grizzlies guard made to ESPN.

In an interview with the outlet earlier this month, Brooks said that he didn’t like Green “at all,” and implied that the Warriors star is a system player.

The Grizzlies (39-26) are tied for the No. 2 spot in the Western Conference, while the Warriors (34-33) are sixth.

If the playoffs were to begin today, Memphis and Golden State would face off in the first round.