Naraka: Bladepoint Adds New Playable Hero, Akos Hu, 'The Rebel Claw'

Naraka: Bladepoint has a brand new hero, Akos Hu, “The Rebel Claw”. The latest update also adds some new content, including a new Showdown level, adjusted maps, balance changes, and a limited-time event.

Akos Hu is the central part of this update, and his arrival comes with the tagline “unleash the tiger”. He’s described as reckless and rough, and as being “born free and raised by tigers”, and this will make sense very soon. He was once in the military, but is now fighting against the Empire.

His Roar ability damages enemies and also boosts his own damage reduction by 30% for 8 seconds. Getting into a fight, striking hard and fast, and getting out is all the more possible here. His second ability: Roar: Blast, deals damage in a direction you choose, hitting enemies with a shockwave. This does damage, which isn’t surprising, but it can also be charged up to deal even more damage and knock back enemies.

Finally, he has Feral Frenzy, which lets you channel a tiger spirit to enhance Akos Hu’s skills on a few fronts. You’ll leap, be able to jump faster, and even strike your enemies by pouncing on them or even attacking in the air. If you activate his ultimate again, you’ll summon a tiger to attacks with claws or a lunge.

So, you’ll definitely be unleashing the tiger if you start playing Akos Hu. The limited-time event in this update supports his arrival. The event will run from today through March 29th and if you complete daily and event quests you’ll get Akos Trial Vouchers and tiger emblems. Exchange those emblems for a number of rewards, including Akos Legendary Base and more.

Naraka: Bladepoint also adds a new level in Showdown, Enigma Peak. Find newly strengthened enemies, some new boss mechanics, and more to challenge. Maps for Serpent Pass and Myste Forests have also been rebuilt. These changes were to improve resource collection and strategic options in those areas.

There are a number of balance changes and fixes as well. You can read the full details in the patch notes over at Naraka: Bladepoint.