Tfue contract field

FaZe Clan has grown into one of the biggest gaming content organizations in the world, but it seems that there are a handful of creators who have spent time with the org and weren’t pleased by the way it operates. This isn’t to say that the company’s business model hasn’t been a successful one, of course. The group currently consists of 78 listed members and the FaZe website claims that it now has over half a billion fans worldwide. That said, many of those same fans might find it surprising to learn that several gaming professionals who’ve been associated with FaZe over the years have come forward with numerous complaints against the company, ranging from contract disputes to poor content management. A few of these situations have even resulted in legal battles between the creators and the company.

Some of the following creators were only briefly associated with FaZe, but others have been members of the organization from the very beginning. Here are a few of the streamers and pros who have come forward to share brutally honest testimonies about their time in FaZe Clan.