So much for the happiest place on Earth.

A brawl broke out at Walt Disney World on Monday after one family asked another to move over so they could take a photo in front of the park’s 100th anniversary sign.

Shocking video from inside the park shows the group throwing punches at each other, with one man on the ground, in front of the sign as Disney employees call for backup.

A brawl broke out between two families at Disney World in Orlando, Florida, over a photo opportunity at the theme park.
One of the families wanted the other to move away from the 100th-year anniversary sign so they could take pictures.

The families were yelling and cursing at each other before the workers and a security officer arrived to split them up, with the man who was on the ground having trouble getting up and opting to stay seated, the footage shows.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office said at least one person received medical treatment after the fight, but that they declined to press charges.

Police said the fracas erupted at 2:30 p.m. when one of the family members who was asked to move punched a member of the other family in the face.

A security guard had to be called in to break them up.
According to police, at least one person received medical treatment after the fight.

Walt Disney World Resort did not immediately respond to The Post’s request for comment.

Brawls breaking out at the Magic Kingdom is not all that uncommon.

Disney issued a warning at the end of 2022 against unruly behavior at its theme parks in Florida and California following an uptick in violence.

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Last July, a massive fight involving at least 10 people erupted when families got into a heated argument outside Mickey’s PhilharMagic theater.

The incident resulted in two arrests and multiple people being banned from Disney’s parks.