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Bundt pans are highly specialized pans that typically make round cakes with holes in the middle. They can be fancy, with intricate designs on top or straightforward domed shapes. While they can create a beautiful cake, this distinctive shape may feel one note and restrictive. One-use kitchen objects are what Alton Brown calls "unitaskers" and disapproves of for use in the kitchen. With that being said, it’s hard to justify keeping a pan with one particular use in your kitchen, especially if you are pressed for space. Bundt pans also tend to take up a large amount of cabinet space because of their unique shape.

If you are hesitating to buy a bundt pan or considering getting rid of yours, we encourage you to wait and read this before moving on. While it takes a bit of creativity, there are plenty of non-bundt cake related things that can be made with a bundt pan. You are not limited by the initial intention of the object, and with a bit of creativity, you will find that there are plenty of ways to use a bundt pan. Here’s how to do it:

1. Create Ice for Drinks


There are plenty of awesome ice cube trays out there. However, these tend to make interesting, but ultimately small pieces of ice. The problem with small ice is that it tends to melt quickly (via Newsday). This can create multiple issues in any drink and becomes amplified for large volumes of beverages, such as a bowl of punch made for a party. Not only will chilling with small ice cubes be less effective at cooling, leading to a tepid punch, but the melted ice will also water down your drinks. That is not fun at all.

However, this is where that handy dandy bundt pan comes in. Fill your bundt pan with water and set it in the freezer. Sure, it will take longer to freeze than individual cubes, but what will emerge is a large, decorative chunk of ice that will look great in any punch bowl and keep your drink colder for longer without diluting it.

If you want to step your game up even further, you can use hot water, which Science Line reports freezes faster, and some even say results in clearer ice. You can also freeze flowers or pieces of fruit into the ice to really punch up your drink.

2. Bake Pull-Apart Bread

Cake is not the only thing that can be baked in a bundt pan. Pull-apart style bread seems almost tailor-made for this pan. Pull-apart bread uses dough that has been formed into balls or strips and then placed into a pan together and baked. Doing this lets all the pieces bake together initially, while also allowing them to be pulled off individually. This type of bread works great as a party appetizer. It can also go by the name monkey bread or bubble bread due to the bubble look of the dough balls.

The reason a bundt pan is so perfect for this is due to the hole in the middle; there is plenty of surface area on the pan. This makes it easy to reach each individual piece of dough that has been placed inside, and none get trapped in the middle, hidden away from prying hands.

What’s even better is the fact that pull-apart bread can be both savory and sweet. Unlike cake, which is almost always sweet, pull-apart bread can be made for nearly every taste preference. Recipes for sweet butterscotch bread or cheesy savory bread can be found, among others. So break out that bundt pan and give it a try!