How to Make Money on Twitch
If Gamers Want to Generate Liveable Income from Twitch, They’ll Have to Work 56% Harder in States Like New York and California 1

As of 2023, 7.3 million channels stream monthly on the Twitch platform. It has grown significantly over the past few years, with an average of 2 million users watching streams at any moment.

With the continued growth of users on the platform, streaming gamers across the globe are realizing its potential for generating revenue. How many views does a streamer on Twitch need to make a living? According to a recent survey, that depends on your geographical location.

Content Creation is On The Rise Across All Platforms

According to a 2022 Hubspot consumer report, creating content on social platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Twitch is growing. Around 40% of people ages 25 to 40 consider themselves online influencers, and that number is expected to continue to grow.

Researchers at JeffBet found that Google searches on how to make money with Twitch have grown by 20% over the past year.

Platforms like Twitch provide a lucrative way to make money online, particularly for gamers. While annual income can vary widely, a survey done by NeoReach shows that 21% of creators make a comfortable living of $50,000 USD or more. Plus, 1.4% of influencers made 1 million USD and above.

How People Are Making Money on Twitch

With so many users on Twitch, making money is a matter of finding the right audience. Gamers use various tactics to find success, such as streaming popular and trending games or using multiple channels to reach a variety of audience types.

According to Influencer Marketing Hub, there are a lot of variables that determine monthly revenue for successful Twitch streamers. These details include the number of daily streams, how long the streams are, the number of followers, additional ad revenue, and more. One of the most clear indicators for estimating income is the average number of views per stream.

As an influencer, the number of views necessary to make a comfortable living is also variable. The money needed to cover expenses will ultimately depend on the cost of living where they reside.

Can Twitch Streamers Quit Their Day Job?

The average living wage in the US is $17 per hour. JeffBet found that this equates to approximately 193,025 monthly views on Twitch.

Twitch streamers living in states like New York, California, and Delaware will have to work significantly harder to make a living due to the higher costs of living. It was found that New York streamers must attract 56% more viewers per month than those living in lower-cost states. This data illuminates a significant difference in the ability to live off of royalties when living in a state with expensive rent, gas, groceries, and other daily costs.

JeffBet reports, “Twitch streamers only need 164,199 viewers per week to be able to afford to live in South Dakota – compared to 243,147 in New York.”

Two Primary Options for Streaming a Liveable Wage

With inflation causing the cost of living to rise nationwide, Twitch streamers feel the pressure to make enough money for their daily expenses. They have two viable options with the average number of pageviews required in each state.

If they live in a more expensive state, creators must develop a content strategy that helps them reach higher page view goals.

This requires a blend of working harder and more intelligently. They can diversify their income with other options on the Twitch platform, like subscription fees, affiliate revenue, and ads.

In addition, they can choose niches and categories where they can competitively gain followers and reach a larger audience.

Alternately, one can stream to Twitch from almost anywhere. All you need is a reliable high-speed Internet connection.

Many states with a lower cost of living have seen rapid population growth over the past few years as people sought to combat rising expenses and remote work expanded.

For Twitch streamers, or anyone looking to reduce their costs, the best states to relocate to include North Dakota, Wyoming, South Dakota, and Tennessee.

The Bonus Option

Although it didn’t make Jet Buff’s list for the lowest cost of living, the state of Texas is a popular relocation hub for Twitch streamers due to its lower costs, lack of state income tax, and fast cheap Internet. Some of the highest-grossing streamers live in cities like Austin and Dallas.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

No matter which option a gamer chooses, success on Twitch requires more than just playing a few hours of games. Social media income tends to look more accessible than it truly is, requiring consistency, dedication, and a plan.

In the end, to gain the necessary views to make money, a streamer must strategically build their brand, create a content strategy, use multiple channels for diversification, and expand potential income sources.

Streamers can also consider relocating if they want the added benefit of a lower cost of living. Since their income stream is dependent on them being online, they are almost entirely location independent.

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