John Daly’s legs have carried him a lot of miles on the golf course, but he is reaching the end of his rope.

Daly, 57, tweeted on Thursday night that the PGA tee boxes that slant downhill make it very difficult for him to compete.

“So hard to play tee boxes that are down grade. Golf course is great but I wish they would make their tee boxes level! We are not young anymore!! Some guys are ADA and we can not follow through on down hill tee boxes!! I’m sorry,” Daly tweeted.

“@PGA you are going the wrong way in golf but I love y’all. But you are making holes really really long.. St Andrew’s never had a downhill tee box. Quit while your NOT ahead…. Thank you.”

He shared a photo of focused on his legs to further illustrate his issues.

Daly withdrew from the Senior PGA Championship at Fields Ranch East this week, and pulled out of the PGA Championship last week due to injury.

He last competed in The Tradition at Greystone Founders Course two weeks ago, finishing in a tie for 65th with a +7.

Daly has long been one of the most popular golfers on the PGA Tour because of his everyman status as a smoking, drinking, Hooters-loving bull of a man who drove the ball with vivacious force.

John Daly ripped the PGA for not using ADA-friendly tee boxes.

He won the PGA Championship in 1991 and The Open Championship in 1995, and also won five PGA Tour tournaments in his professional career, which began in 1987 after he attended the University of Arkansas.

Last August, John Daly’s son, John Daly II, inked an NIL deal with Hooters alongside his proud papa.

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“As a longtime fan of the brand off the course, I am excited this relationship with Hooters extends to the greens,” the elder Daly said. “This will be a terrific partnership as Hooters is all about authentic fun. I am eager to represent the brand and have a great time while doing so.”