If you want to make a good impression on the ladies, it’s important to pay attention to your style. But what exactly are women turn off by? From outdated patterns to questionable accessories, we’ve rounded up the top 30 fashion choices that women find completely unacceptable.

Tight jeans

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Anything too tight might look like a guy is trying too hard. But tight jeans are a clear sign of insecurity, and women find nothing appealing about it. Stick to a regular fit, and you will do much better with the ladies.

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Socks that do not match shoes

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Colorful socks can look good, but you must match them with other details, so stay on the safe side unless you are fashion savvy. Take white socks with black shoes, for example. In fact, socks should be a shade darker than shoes. Unless you are entering a Michal Jackson lookalike competition, black shoes go with black socks.

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Flip-flops and socks

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Generally, women do not like when men skip socks. This rule does not apply to flip-flops or any similar items. Socks and slippers are one of the biggest turn-offs, regardless of your appearance.

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Having a uniform

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Many super-successful men have uniforms, meaning they always appear to wear the same thing. But you won’t find them on the lists of the best-dressed or hottest guys. Wearing the same thing repeatedly is practical, but it sends the message that you are boring and do not like taking chances.

Dressing up as a teenager

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A woman wants a man, not a boy. Thanks to social media, it is easy to get lost in the latest trends, but dressing up as a teenager will only make you look foolish and immature.

Wrinkled Clothing

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If you hate ironing, then pay more attention to the fabrics. Wearing wrinkled clothing sends a signal you are lazy, even if you might not be. Most women tend to notice these things, so if you want positive attention, either embrace ironing or get a bunch of shirts that do not wrinkle.

Too much cologne

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Men and women are not from different fashion planets. Men dislike gals wearing too much perfume because they are attracted to their natural scents. The same rule applies to guys. Women want to smell a man, not only his cologne.

Tank tops

Image credit: Vido Boskovic via Canva.com

Tank tops in the gym are hot. Tank tops while on a date will only make a woman cut a date shorter and block your number. It is nothing personal, but it sends a wrong, distressing message.


Image credit: sx70 via Canva.com

One should look stylish and ambitious but never wear clothes to show off wealth. Unless a brand sponsors you, it is best to avoid wearing logos since most ladies prefer a plain tee over one that screams advertisement.

Funky Suits

Image credit: oneinchpunch via Canva.com

Funky and suit should not even be in the same sentence. Crazy patterns may look good on the big screen, but in reality, suits should be elegant, masculine, and seductive. They are the ultimate power outfit, and most women enjoy looking at men in well-fitted suits.

Flashy Belts

Image credit: SL-photography via Canva.com

Belts are supposed to make a guy look refined and classy. Flashy ones look cheap and give away too much insecurity, and most women agree that self-awareness and confidence are great ways to their hearts.

Copying celebrity outfits

Image credit: EzumeImages via Canva.com

Women want to see your personality shine through your style. If you wear a tall hat because Pharrell looks cool, chances are you won’t. Basically, women see it as being fake and taking the easiest route. Hence they do not find it attractive.


Image credit: Anna Pou via Canva.com

There are several threads on Reddit where women discuss their dislike for camouflage items, from tops to sneakers. As one Redditor said, "If you’re gonna wear camo, go military surplus, or it just looks tacky!"

Head-to-toe leather

Image credit: Reza Jackson via Canva.com

Another unfortunate trend, head-to-toe leather, will not win you any points with the ladies. Instead, focus on a leather jacket and shoes. The rest is not going to work, ever.

Deep V-necks

Image credit: travenian via Canva.com

Women like V-necks, but if that V is too deep, it gives off creepy vibes. There might be unwanted chest hair; even if there isn’t, a deep V-neck is a sign of bad taste.

Low-rise pants

Image credit: Premyuda via Canva.com

If a woman can see a man’s underwear, and you are over 18, there is nothing seductive about your outfit. It signals that a guy is immature, which is enough for a woman to run.


Image credit: Gustavo Fringo via Canva.com

There are numerous items, all called vests. One is underwear, the other is a leather garment for motorcyclists, and the third is a thing men wear to destroy their suits. Neither is what most women would describe as hot. Three-piece suits are hard to pull off, so only wear them if you speak fashion.

The man purse

Image credit: Osorioartist via Canva.com

A laptop bag has its purpose. There is no reason to carry a purse in today’s world, where you can pay with your phone. Even women are wearing them as a fashion statement, not a necessity. As for men’s handbags, they are not pleasant to look at. At least, that’s what most women believe.

Risky shorts

Image credit: Traveliarum via Canva.com

Unlike men, who enjoy looking at women in hot pants, gals prefer men who keep them in the dark. Women do not like cropped shorts, pants, or jeans, as there is nothing significant about the revealed parts of the guy’s body.

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Stained clothes

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Clean clothes are a sign of good hygiene and good manners. If a guy wears a stained tee, he appears sloppy, and women might feel sorry for him, but not enough to give him a chance.

Long tees and sweatshirts

Image credit: Martin Pechy via Canva.com

Not only do they make your legs look super short, but they are pretty pointless. Women like polished guys, and to be one, you have to know how to show off your best features. Long tees show that you are not brave enough to wear a dress, and that’s about it.


Image credit: vusta via Canva.com

It is not that fedoras are bad, but as someone on Reddit said, fedoras look good if you are already attractive. Otherwise, the guy looks like a faux intellectual, so it is no wonder women dislike men in fedoras.

Graphic Tees

Image credit: DeRepente via Canva.com

Women appreciate a sense of humor. But the joke does not have to be on you, literally. A plain shirt is always a safer and more stylish option.

Button-downs with short sleeves

Image credit: bee32 via Canva.com

Women adore it when men roll up their sleeves. But a button-down with short sleeves looks a bit childish, and that clearly is not attractive.

Bling on your shirt

Image credit: undefined via Canva.com

A few years ago, there was a horrific trend of dress shirts with sparkly details. While men’s jewelry can look super cool and attractive, the bling on your dress shirt is tacky.

Baggy cargo shorts

Image credit: Stockbyte via Canva.com

Though cargo shorts and pants with million pockets are practical, they look as if you are careless, perhaps even sloppy. They may work for fishing, but these pants and shorts repel most women.

Chunky sneakers

Image credit: Styves Exantus via Canva.com

Chunky dad sneakers have been trending for several seasons. Though some women embraced the trend, many are not fans. If nothing else, they look outdated, and their proportions are not flattering. That’s why many ladies would always choose a guy with plain, classic ones over a guy in dad sneakers.

Oversized suits

Image credit: Goodshoot via Canva.com

If your suit is too big, get it tailored. Oversized suits will make any guy appear smaller, and overall it shows a lack of confidence. Women want a guy to rock a suit, not drown in it!

Summer beanies

Image credit: Pavel Danilyuk via Canva.com

While beanies can look cute during cold days, wearing one in the summer seems ridiculous. Men are not fond of women wearing sandals during a snowstorm. That’s how women feel about summer beanies on guys. If you want to protect your head, get a Panama hat.

Too many accessories

Image credit: ilbusca via Canva.com

Thanks to Johnny Depp, we have men wearing a scarf on top of the scarf and more jewelry than their weight. It is one thing to rock rugged-looking jeans but another to look like a fashion victim. It is supposed to reflect a tortured artist, but for most women, it is just torture. To truly appreciate your accessories, keep it to 3 to 4 pieces.


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John then decided to investigate the stranger and found out that Omar actually watches “great stuff” using his Netflix account. “Omar’s got really good taste,” he adds.

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The video of John sharing his Netflix account with Omar has generated a massive response online, with thousands of viewers sharing their thoughts on the matter.

Many found the idea of Omar stumbling upon the video on his For You page to be hilarious, especially since he was using John Green’s Netflix account all along.

“I’m just imagining this showing up on Omar’s fyp not realizing he’s been using THE John Green’s account.” one user wrote.

“I wonder if Omar knows he is leeching off John Green’s netflix!?! Omg what if he sees this?!?!” a second wondered.

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Some viewers had similar experiences with sharing their Netflix account, but with names like "Frederick" and "Stephen" instead.

“Dudes name was “Stephen” I changed it to “you’re welcome” he then changed it to “thanks” we’re friends now.” one wrote.

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Another theory suggests that Omar might actually be his own brother, Hank Green, with one commenter proposing a plot twist: “Omar is Hank playing a long prank.”

While Omar may have done something wrong by using someone’s account without their knowledge, he should be recognized for his attempt to not interfere with John’s Netflix algorithm. As one commenter pointed out, “I love that omar was respectful enough to make his own profile to not mess up your algorithm.”

Ultimately, unless Omar chooses to come forward online (which seems unlikely), there’s one thing that we’re all dying to know: Omar’s favorite Netflix shows and recommendations. Because if John Green thinks these shows are excellent, it’s a safe bet that the rest of us will too.


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