Police in western Mexico made a horrifying discovery this week when they stumbled upon 45 trash bags containing human remains while searching in a ravine for seven missing call center workers.

The Jalisco state prosecutor’s office said in a statement Wednesday that the bags were found below a forest overlook on the outskirts of the city of Guadalajara.

Firefighters and civil defense used a helicopter to airlift some of the remains from the 140-foot-deep Mirador del Bosque gorge and planned to continue the recovery operation in the coming days.

Mexican authorities had been looking for seven young people who had been reported missing last week from a call center in the town of Zapopan when they came across the body parts while acting on a tip.

The first black plastic bag containing remains was found Tuesday, but the prosecutor’s office stated that due to the rough terrain and lack of natural light, police resumed the search the next day.

Police in Mexico made a grisly discovery this week when they came upon 45 black trash bags containing human remains.
The body parts were found in a ravine below a forest overlook on the outskirts of Guadalajara, Jalisco state.
Cops were searching for seven missing call center workers when they received a tip about the presence of possible human body parts in the deep gorge.

The remains belonged to men and women, but it was not immediately known how many bodies there were in all.

Officials have informed families of the missing people that some of the remains preliminarily appeared to match the characteristics of their loved ones.

The Jalisco Forensic Medical Service will be tasked with determining the exact number of victims and their causes of death, in addition to their identification.

Some of the bags were removed Tuesday and Wednesday, and the recovery would continue in the coming days.
The remains belonged to men and women, and some of them matched characteristics associated with a number of the missing workers.
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Police used helicopters to airlift the evidence from the 140-foot-deep ravine.
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There are more than 110,000 missing people in Mexico, and Jalisco, which has been overrun with warring drug cartels, is the state with the highest number, at 15,000, according to federal government data.

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