How To Complete Amber Dealer in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom
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Looking to figure out how to complete Amber Dealer in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom? This guide will help you secure 10 ambers and complete this side quest. In most Zelda games, resources are very valuable. You can use them to feed yourself and build weapons or vehicles that help you solve the different missions that cross your path in the story. In this mission, the Amber will greatly help, but if you don’t have the necessary amount in your inventory, you will need to collect more to complete it and give her the Amber that the Dealer asks for. The Amber can be found all over the map in any cave, but if you want to find their locations easily, keep reading this guide.

Amber Dealer in Tears of the Kingdom Explained

Tears of the Kingdom How To Complete Amber Dealer
Image Source: Nintendo via The Nerd Stash

This quest takes you on a mineral-filled adventure, where you’ll meet Ramella, a shrewd businesswoman in Goron. So let’s dive right in and uncover the secrets to success.

Begin your quest by heading to Goron City in the Death Mountain area northeast of the map. It’s a fiery place, so be prepared for some intense heat.

Once you arrive at Goron City, go to the General Store. There, you’ll encounter Ramella, a tall, red-haired woman. She’s a dealer who specializes in trading minerals. Strike up a conversation with her to learn about her intriguing business proposition.

Ramella allows you to earn some extra rupees. In addition, she’ll pay you handsomely if you can gather 10 pieces of Amber. So accept the deal and get ready for your mineral-hunting adventure in Tears of the Kingdom.

How to Farm Amber in Tears of the Kingdom

Tears of the Kingdom How To Complete Amber Dealer
Image Source: Nintendo via The Nerd Stash

Now it’s time to collect the precious Amber. Start by locating a cherry blossom tree east of the Hylia River on the Romani Plains near the Yamiyo Shrine. Grab any easily available fruit and drop it onto the tree. Witness the magic as Satori appears, illuminating all the nearby caves with a heavenly glow. Take a moment to mark these locations on your map for future reference.

Crenel Hills Cave is one of the caves near the cherry blossom tree. First, enter the cave and watch for breakable stones that yield valuable minerals. Then, to make the task easier, use a fused sword to break the stones and collect the precious Amber and any other valuable minerals you come across in Tears of the Kingdom’s cave.

With your hard-earned Amber in hand, return to Goron City. Seek out Ramella again and proudly present her with the 10 pieces of Amber. In return, she’ll reward you with a generous sum of 200 rupees. Mission accomplished.

Don’t forget that Ramella is a resourceful dealer with more opportunities for you in the future. She won’t always ask for Amber, so check with her to see which minerals she desires before venturing into caves.


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Tears of the Kingdom is available on Nintendo Switch.