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Fungi has been getting a bad rap since "The Last Of Us" came out. But it’s useful to remember that not all fungi are the enemy. These organisms exist in every grocery store across the land as the humble mushroom, the eminently versatile vegetable that provides flavor and texture to an endless amount of meals. But while fresh mushrooms are easy to find, there are occasions when you just won’t have the energy to drive to the store, or you’re caught short right before you’re about to make a recipe featuring them. And that’s when canned mushrooms come to the rescue.

Canned mushrooms can be a little derided, but they’re a fabulous substitute for the fresh kind. Thanks to their fleshy texture, they maintain their shape and flavor very well when preserved. Additionally, they remain just as nutritious as fresh mushrooms in many cases and are a valuable source of B vitamins, minerals like selenium and copper, and phosphorus, all of which are vital for maintaining good health, according to WebMD. And thankfully, good canned mushroom brands aren’t in short supply. There are loads of canned mushrooms that are worth spending money on, and we put them all together right here, so you can pick your new favorite.

Green Giant

It seems like, for a lot of canned foods, it’s impossible to go wrong with Green Giant. This company has been producing canned and preserved foodstuffs since the top of the 20th century, and they’ve built up a significant amount of trust and brand loyalty as time has gone on. Luckily, this loyalty isn’t misplaced — Green Giant’s food is often top-notch, and its canned mushrooms are proof of this.

The company sells a range of canned mushrooms to suit everyone, from whole mushrooms preserved in brine to a sliced variety and a more budget-friendly can of pieces and stems. Each mushroom is picked at just the right time and canned swiftly, in proximity to the farm where it was grown, to make sure that they stay as fresh as possible. While the sodium content can be a little high if you’re eating an entire can in one sitting, it’s hard to argue with the taste, which multiple people have stated they enjoy in reviews via Amazon. The pre-prepared nature of these mushrooms also makes them super-versatile, meaning that they can be tossed straight onto pizza or into pasta sauces. This is a choice that you won’t regret going for. ‌

Pennsylvania Dutchman

Canned mushrooms aren’t worth their weight in gold, and yet, they can be surprisingly expensive in some situations. But at the end of the day, the vast majority of us want to feel like we’re getting good food at a low price. And that’s exactly what Pennsylvania Dutchman mushrooms deliver. The brand confidently announces that it delivers America’s favorite mushroom on some of its cans, and given the budget-friendly cost of each item and the quality of the food inside, we’d say that the bold claim is not far from the truth.

Pennsylvania Dutchman Canned Mushroom Stems And Pieces boast an almost-5-star rating over at Walmart, voted for by customers. Interestingly, it appears that opting for these may mean that you get slightly more than you bargained for. "The cans say "pieces and stems" on them so we were expecting basically the leftovers," one person says. "But No…these are normal-looking canned mushrooms! There are normal slices, and there are small pieces that maybe were just slices that didn’t come out as "perfectly matching slices"." Clearly, this is a product that goes the extra mile. Others point out how satisfied they are with the taste of these mushrooms and how easy they are to use.

MW Polar

Shiitake mushrooms are in a league of their own. These mushrooms, which are commonly used in Asian cuisine, have a bold, meaty flavor and a hearty texture, making them perfect for adding substance to any meal. However, even though they’re a top-tier shroom, they can be a little tricky to find fresh in stores and can take a bit longer to flourish than other mushroom types.

This has led to preserved shiitake mushrooms becoming pretty popular, with dried and canned options available. And if you’re going for the latter, MW Polar is the brand to choose. MW Polar shiitake mushrooms come pre-sliced, meaning that there’s no troublesome prep to perform — you just have to add them straight in. Customers via Amazon are big fans of this no-fuss quality, with MW Polar being a popular choice to add a meaty taste to pizzas, in particular. People who bought these mushrooms also remarked on their visual appeal, their ability to be added to all kinds of dishes, and, of course, their flavor. One review sums it up nicely: "Especially at this price, these are, by far, the best canned shitake mushrooms I’ve ever had. They are thinly sliced, delicate in flavor, and have a nice texture that holds up very well."

Wellsley Farms

Mushrooms are just reliable, folks. These little vegetables are neutral enough in flavor to be added to most things and yet, at the same time, provide an unmistakable umami lift to your meals. They’re bitesize and easy to prepare, and when canned, all you have to do is toss them in your food, and you’re set.

But while they have many positive qualities, one thing mushrooms often aren’t called is fancy. This is a workaday plant that gets the job done. Wellsley Farms, however, had other ideas. The BJ’s Wholesale Club brand hit it out of the park with its luxurious marinated mushrooms. Packed whole, these mushrooms are soaked in a herby pickling solution alongside onion, red pepper, and garlic flavors.

The result is a food that can be served as an appetizer, a snack alongside a cold beer, or added to salads. It’s also a food that is, quite frankly, delicious. There’s a sharpness to these mushrooms that cut through the vegetable’s slightly denser flavor notes, thanks to the acidic marinade. They’re also fat-free and have a fairly low sugar content per serving. It’s no wonder that these are a hit with the public. "These are the best mushrooms that I have ever eaten," says a buyer on Amazon. You can’t really quibble with that.


Galil may have only been around since 1985, but in those almost 40 years, it’s built quite a name and reputation for itself. Devoted to quality, innovation, and customer service, the family-owned company has developed a large number of brands, but it’s the namesake food line that people are most familiar with.

And in this line comes its canned mushrooms, which are available in whole, sliced, and stems and pieces form. Each can is 100% natural and is simply put together, with just mushrooms, water, salt, and some citric acid used to maintain freshness and preserve the vegetables. The result is a product that is certified kosher and is compatible with virtually any other dietary requirement. Like other canned mushrooms, this product also has a very long shelf life and can be stashed away in your pantry until you’re ready to use it. And most importantly, it tastes good. With a slightly earthy flavor, these mushrooms are ready to eat straight out of the can or can be cooked alongside other ingredients to make part of a terrific dinner. ‌

Del Monte

In the canned food wars, there can only be one eventual winner. And given its sheer ubiquity, it may well end up being Del Monte. It’s pretty likely you’ll be familiar with Del Monte products already, with its canned fruits and vegetables being everywhere you turn. But thanks to the sheer size of the company and its prolific output, it’s got canning down to an exact science, and it puts it to good use with its canned mushrooms.

Del Monte Mushroom Slices are attractively packed in a clear jar, and thanks to being picked at their ripest, they remain firm and fresh-tasting. They’re also pre-sliced, with each piece remaining chunky and sizeable. Their jarred nature is good for more than just an aesthetic purpose, too: It also appears to hold the taste of the mushroom better without it becoming tainted by metal. "These mushrooms are so much better tasting than canned mushrooms. They have a nice hearty flavor, not too salty," says one review via Del Monte. "They are not chopped-up bits of mushrooms like you get from some other brands. They are nice healthy slices." Multiple other reviews also praise this product, with most of them pointing out the key factor that will bring customers back time and time again: The taste. ‌

Great Value

Great Value by name, great value by nature. Walmart really hit it out of the park with its line of low-price everyday foods, and the range has a vast selection of canned items that will make your budget very happy. And the sliced mushrooms in the product line are as good as they come. While these mushrooms have a reduced price point, Walmart hasn’t compromised on their quality. People who have bought this product have pointed out that the mushrooms compare favorably to named brands, with the vegetables inside the Great Value product bigger and not as broken up as potentially pricier competitors. They also taste good, with a lovely, flexible flavor that makes them usable in a wide scope of meals.

This is particularly pleasing as a common tactic of lower-priced foods can be to amp up their flavor by adding high levels of sugar and salt. Thankfully, that’s not the case here. The Great Value sliced mushrooms are, in fact, low in sodium, especially when compared to other brands. And aside from a few common preservatives added to the can to keep the mushrooms fresh, this product is made solely of mushrooms, water, and salt. ‌

Good & Gather

Like many other vegetables, mushrooms can be marinated and served as an hors d’oeuvre or small plate. And when prepared in this fashion, they become a total delight. The sponginess of mushrooms means that they’re well-suited for soaking up intense flavors, rendering them juicy, succulent, and totally moreish.

But marinating mushrooms yourself can be a bit of a pain. So, save yourself the trouble, and head to Target. The grocer’s Good & Gather range has a number of high-end products aimed at the customer who wants something a little classier from their weekly shop, and the Marinated Grilled Mushrooms are second to none. Each Italian button mushroom is grilled separately, with the open flame used, leaving an attractive scorch on the vegetable that imparts a slightly smoky flavor. This flavor is then boosted and contrasted simultaneously with a herbaceous marinade containing parsley, rosemary, thyme, and garlic.

The mushrooms are then hand-canned in a glass jar, and all of these tastes are left to mingle, with the end result being a tangy, earthy, meaty affair. And yet, for all of the love and care that goes into these mushrooms, the product still remains relatively cost-effective, with each jar being just under five dollars. We can’t figure out the catch, but when it’s this good, we’re not asking questions.


With Goya’s enormous range of preserved food products, it’s hardly surprising that it has canned mushrooms as part of its output too. And luckily, these veggies are a winner. One particularly appealing aspect of Goya’s canned mushrooms is the fact that they come in whole pieces, unlike many alternatives out there, which only come in sliced or pieced-up form. Having whole-button mushrooms gives you an extra amount of adaptability and means that they can be used easily in dishes like boeuf bourguignon, as well as being sliced into smaller pieces to go into tacos or burritos. It also means that each piece stays firm and plump and is less likely to become mushy or disintegrate before it gets to the table.

Additionally, one further thing that sets Goya apart is the nutritional qualities of its mushrooms. This product steers clear of using excessive amounts of sodium to add flavor, instead relying on the taste and quality of the mushrooms themselves to deliver a top-quality culinary experience. The mushrooms also have no fat, no cholesterol, a very small amount of sugar, and only 20 calories per serving, with a few grams of protein in the mushrooms for good measure. ‌


Mushrooms can vary widely in appearance, taste, and texture. But for some reason, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut with them. As a lot of stores may only stock classic button mushrooms and potentially a few other alternatives, this can lead to a lot of samey meals and growing boredom with the vegetable.

But the solution might be in the canned aisle. Using canned mushrooms is a great way to try forms of the fungus that you haven’t eaten before. So if you can find a can of Roland Whole Peeled Straw Mushrooms, give them a go. These small mushrooms have a conical head and a plump, bouncy texture that contains a distinctive yet mild flavor. They’re a favorite in dishes like chow mein and tom yum soup, and given that they’re pretty small, they require very little preparation.

And it looks like Roland is the brand to beat when it comes to straw mushrooms. "Being that I have purchased other Roland brand products with good results I felt fairly confident these mushrooms would taste good," says a review on Amazon from a customer who had previous trouble finding this mushroom elsewhere. "Thankfully my guesstimate was correct, these Paddy Straw mushrooms are excellent! Super tasty, perfect size and consistency."


If there’s one thing Giorgio knows, it’s mushrooms. The company has been perfecting its mushroom game for almost 100 years. And thanks to its single-minded devotion to supplying the best mushroom products out there, it now stocks a wide range of fresh and preserved shrooms suitable for pretty much any use in the kitchen.

But if you want to keep it simple, you can’t go wrong with a can of its Pieces and Stems. This is one of the cheapest ways to enjoy Giorgio mushrooms, with each can coming in at just under two dollars for a decent amount of vegetables. Inside each can is a good mixture of mushroom stems and tops, which keep their shape and their firmness, even after having a bath in the preserving liquid. You also get a generous amount of mushrooms for your money, with the water-salt solution being used to coat the mushrooms, not merely to fill up the can. As well as this, the shrooms are bright-tasting and flavorful, something which many customers have found when purchasing them. "Love the quality of this product, can use it with a lot of food, very tasty, not mushy, crisp, and tastes fresh," says just one reviewer via Walmart.

Native Forest

Canned mushrooms, for all their positive qualities, can risk becoming a little bit samey. There’s only so much you can do with a sliced button mushroom, and sooner or later, these products all sort of roll into one. But don’t forget that there’s a world of mushrooms out there to experience. And so if you’re getting canned mushroom burn-out, switch to a different kind, like Native Forest Organic Portobello Slices.

While portobello and button mushrooms are born of the same plant, the former mushroom can have a lot more visual impact, and its darker color may also give the vegetable a denser, richer flavor. That flavor is exactly what you’ll get in Native Forest’s product, with a lot of folks who bought a can via Amazon complementing the taste of these portobellos. Inside the can, you’ll find a good amount of well-constructed mushrooms, with no deterioration to their texture thanks to being preserved. You’ll also be safe in the knowledge that you’ve made a more nutritious choice with your canned product. These organic mushrooms contain less sodium than other competitors, are suitable for vegans, folks who can’t eat gluten, and people following a kosher diet, and there’s nothing in the can but mushrooms, water, and sea salt.


Since the birth of Cento, in a single Italian food store in the 1950s, it seemingly hasn’t stopped growing. The brand has made it its mission to supply store-cupboard staples at a good price without compromising on quality. And it’s nailed it with its canned mushrooms. Cento has several canned mushroom choices, from its ritzy Marinated Portobello Mushrooms with Roasted Red Peppers to the more humble end of the spectrum with its Stems & Pieces. But whatever you’re going for, you’re bound to get a good product.

Cento’s Stems & Pieces may look pretty unassuming, but in each can is a whole lotta taste. These authentically-sourced mushrooms are lower in sodium, with 210 milligrams per serving, far less than a lot of market alternatives. There are also no sugars or added sugars in the product and a small amount of potassium. For customers on Amazon, Cento Stems & Pieces reflects good value for money, providing a flavorful mushroom that’s versatile enough to use in pretty much any recipe.