A woman of many talents! Millie Bobby Brown talked about her interest in directing and how she navigates Stranger Things fame while promoting her debut novel Nineteen Steps at Symphony Space in New York City.

The Enola Holmes star told the captivated audience, including Decider, that directing is one of her future goals. Brown has taken a stab at the craft before, having directed a short film in collaboration with Samsung, shot on a Galaxy S22.

Speaking about the future, she said, “I would be interested in that [directing]. I’m a bossy girl!”

Brown continued, “I’ve always been really interested in directing. But, you know, I have time – I’m just 19.”

Since the actor’s breakthrough role in Stranger Things, she has produced two movies — Enola Holmes and Enola Holmes 2 — and has two more in the works.

During the talk, Brown opened up about setting boundaries with fans after being catapulted into the spotlight by the Netflix hit series. “I think that’s maybe one of my greatest gifts. I have always been able to say ‘no’ — it may have been my first word.”

“I’m just very clear. I’m English, which is number one. I am very clear and honest. I’m not a horrible person. I think no one who has boundaries is a horrible person… I can’t be everything for everyone all the time. And I think that that’s okay,” she continued.

Speaking about the difference between penning a novel and working on movies and television, Brown shared, “I really enjoy writing ideas down. I’ve always been like that with my scripts. I’m very like, ‘Okay, how do I make this me?’ So I’ve always been like that. It’s all the same. It’s all an artistic outlet to completely release all of my feelings and thoughts onto whatever it may be.”

Melding both worlds together, when asked who would play the lead character Nellie Morris in a potential adaptation of her novel, Brown exclaimed, “Me, of course!”

Nineteen Steps was released September 12, 2023 by William Morrow and Company – an imprint of HarperCollins. The story follows Nellie Morris in London in 1942 and her journey to reclaim her life after World War II – which, of course, involves an enticing love interest, which Brown said felt “important” to the tragic story.